The Future Funding of Social Care Support in Scotland

We are individuals and organisations working together to set out a clear ambition for social care support in Scotland to inform thinking by national and local government and to help identify a fair and sustainable way of funding it.

Our ambition is for sustained public investment in the development of a modern, nationwide infrastructure of social care support as part of Scotland’s wider national infrastructure. This infrastructure will protect, promote and ensure human rights and tackle inequalities and it should facilitate the delivery of a statutory framework of common outcomes, underpinned by clear and consistent rights and entitlements.

In order to reflect and adapt to the varied local contexts across Scotland we believe the arrangement of social care support should be a local matter, involving local government and other statutory and non-statutory agencies and organisations.

It will be an instrument of transformative social change.  It will play a critical role in building and sustaining Scotland’s social and economic prosperity, and it is needed now.

Our shared ambition for the future of social care support in Scotland.

Download or read or view the shared ambitions here

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Plain English - pdf

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Easy Read – pdf
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A look back at the day we launched our ‘Shared ambition on the future of social care support in Scotland’. 

We want everyone to understand that Scotland needs to change the way it sees social care support.  This is an agenda that affects everyone whether a current or future user of services, paid or unpaid carers, public bodies and all those with a stake in Scotland’s economic and social justice outlook.  Please tweet about this.  We need a conversation about this and how to fund it. Now.

ILiS issued this news release to the Scottish media on Wednesday 27 July following the launch of the Statement of Ambition in Edinburgh. Please feel free to share this in your communications, including websites, newsletters and social media. 

Independent Living in Scotland’s article

ILiS project manager Heather Fisken has written this article to explain the context to the Statement of Ambition for the Future of Social Care in Scotland. Please feel free to share this with your networks and members: download here

Case studies

Our shared ambition is driven by the daily reality for people who need social care support services and carers.  Read their stories here to learn more about where the system works and where it doesn’t and the impact this has on people, their families as well as the impact on society when so many are denied their opportunities to contribute.

Robert MacPherson
View the case study
Download as pdf

Emma McKendrick
View the case study
Download as pdf

Fiona Fisher
View the case study
Download as pdf

Jane - a Carer's Story
View the case study
Download as pdf

Question Time discussion

To mark the first anniversary of the launch of Our Shared Ambition for the Future of Social Care Support in Scotland in July 2016, we are holding a Question Time discussion with a panel of cross-sectoral experts on 14 September to explore what has happened to social care support in Scotland.
We need to track the changes which have (or have not) happened since Our Shared Ambition was launched.
· Has social care support evolved to protect, promote and ensure our human rights?
· Is it an effective contributing factor in tackling Scotland’s inequalities?
· Is the system fair, transparent and consistent?
· Do we share a common understanding of what social care support is, what it needs to be and what it is for?
· Has social care support become entrenched as the poor relation in the Integration framework?
· Are the challenges and solutions transparent and are we coproducing them?
· What does all this mean for disabled people, carers and Scotland, and what do we need to do about it?
Chaired by Charlie MacMillan, the panel of experts includes Neil Findlay MSP (Convenor of Health and Sport Committee), Dr Sally Witcher (CEO Inclusion Scotland), Lucy McTernan (Deputy Chief Executive, SCVO) and Karen Hedge (National Director, Scottish Care) plus national and local government spokespersons.
The audience has been invited from across civil society including disabled people and their Disabled People's Organisations, others in the 3rd sector, MSPs, academics, Local Authorities, Integration Joint Boards, professional bodies, NHS and Health and Social Care division in Scottish Government.
We will be posting live updates from the event here.


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